AgentChine website and company have been set up in 2007. AgentChine Logo yellow/black and blue colors are based on the 3 clients logo Vincent Mandrilly was already taking care of at that time (genloc, socotex and recrealire) before officially creating a company.

The company has been helping French speaking countries companies in their relationship with their manufacturers in China for over 10 years.

DISCLAIMER: AgentChine co ltd will NOT ask/accept/propose any kind or any form of interest/remuneration/gift from factories/manufacturers to our company. Please always give your best price to our partners according to the demand; we always ask prices from a few carefully selected manufacturers; not just one producer, and those prices need to be very competitive compared to other countries offers on similar quality standards.
All productions MUST comply with European Union standards and may be tested physically and chemically. Do not engage in a partnership with us if you cannot warranty your products respect EU norms.
AgentChine will NOT accept to work though intermediaries who do not work as employees or owners of said factory/manufacturer we enter into contract with. If you are such intermediary please refrain from contacting us/answering; we would be losing both sides precious time.

Although AgentChine could technically provide the same services towards English speaking countries companies, we are more valuable to French speaking customers since all our staff speaks / write French, English and Chinese fluently and therefore the website has not been translated into English.

If you understand the French language, please check our French webpages. Otherwise feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get more information.


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